A true natural heritage to be experienced all year round.

The mountains of Molise will win you over: a pure, unspoilt environment, rich in vegetation and springs, all waiting to be discovered. If you love the mountains, here you will find something to do in every season: the mountain ranges cover more than half the surface of the region, with peaks of over 2200 metres. During the warmer months, you can appreciate the green landscapes on long hikes and walks, cool off in the numerous waterfalls or explore the depths of the underground caves. In winter, the snow-covered peaks will be the perfect destination for your skiing holiday or, if you prefer, for an exploration of the forests on snowshoes!

Want more adventure?

Rafting on the Sangro river, climbing the rocky walls of the Mainarde or tackling the vie ferrate and cliffs of Frosolone and Pescopennataro are some of the adrenaline-pumping experiences awaiting you in Molise.