A land where culture and tradition meet history and nature

Many peoples have inhabited this land from prehistoric times to the present day, benefiting from the natural resources and water in which Molise is rich, leaving numerous traces of other times and ways of life. As evidence of human presence since prehistoric times, the oldest human artefact discovered in Italy has been found in the La Pineta site in Isernia (National Museum of the Palaeolithic). Not only prehistory, but also traces of the Samnites and Romans, which you can admire by visiting the sanctuary of the Samnites in Pietrabbondante or the fascinating Roman archaeological area of Altilia Saepinum (Sepino), where the cardoon and decuman follow the route of the sheep trail and tell us of a transhumance with ancient roots.

In Molise you will discover a cultural landscape of medieval villages and castles, a land of places of worship and paths to get in touch with your spirituality. 

Immerse yourself in the living tradition of Molise by taking part in one of the many events scheduled throughout the year. Among the religious events, the Processione dei Misteri of Campobasso is not to be missed, and among those linked to popular culture, the Festa del grano (Corn Festival) in Jelsi is definitely worth a visit.

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