Molise a love that you don't expect



The valley of the fortore offers the traveler one of the most exciting landscapes of Molise, with the rich plains crossed by the river, watched over by the fortresses built on the hills, and the ancient road that from a network of material and immaterial signs.
Its museums tell the stories of men and women, of their daily life, of work fatigue, of the power of faith.
But also the glory of the past and the central role of these lands in the ancient logic of power.
A past to tell, a present to discover and a future to build.

Permanent Exhibition


The permanent exhibition Disegnare nel cielo is an unexpected little jewel, kept in the heart of the village of Campolieto.
In the rooms of the Ethnographic Museum that hosts the exhibition there is the story of the decennial activity of the Award-winning Pyrotechnic Workshop Paradiso - Marino through photographs, documents and objects.
A journey to discover a special story made of people, technique, creativity and wonder, elements that make the pyrotechnic art unique and extraordinary.

Via G. Marconi, 12 - CAMPOLIETO (CB)
Info and reservations: +39 328 948 4822



The Museo di Comunità della Festa del Grano, MuFeG, holds a unique collection of its kind: votive floats decorated with ears of corn and made by the Jelsese community fot the Festa del Grano, bor as a thank you to Sant'Anna for the protection received during the terrible earthquake of 26 July 1805.
An authentic experience made of smells, colors and images that tell the devotion of men, women and children who with simple gestures produce unique and original works.

Contrada Convento - JELSI (CB)
Info and reservations: +39 328 95 23834



The Gambatesa Castle dominates the Tappino Valley, at the point where it flows into the Fortore, to control the ancient cattle track that crossesit to reach Puglia.
Born as a control fortress, it was transformed into an elegant noble residence in the sixteenth century by Vincenzo Di Capua who entrusted to Donato Decumbertino, a pupil of Vasari, the fresco decoration of the rooms of the noble floor with elegant and wonderfully colored scenes.
A story that reaches us strong and fresh, telling us about ancient powers and noble deeds.

Via Eustachio, 7 - GAMBATESA (CB)
Info and reservations: +39 0874 719261



The Museo delle Arti e Tradizioni popolari di Riccia is one of the most complete and rich ethnographic museums in the Region.
Housed in the ancient Magazzeno of the Renaissance court, the museum exhibits over two thousand objects of common use that recount Riccia's and his community's uses, pratices, work and daily life over the past two hundred years.
A Place of Remembrance through which an entire community tells and reveals itself.

Viale F. Ciccaglione - RICCIA (CB)
Info and reservations: +39 0874 716904